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Latvian police registered 1,677 incidents in schools last year

Photo: pexels.com
In 2018, a total of 1,677 incidents were registered in education institutions around the country. Most often police received information about physical violence – 424 such cases happened among children last year, BNN was told by the police.

Additionally, police received information regarding cases of emotional violence – 147 such cases were registered last year. Among other registered types of violations are also cases of smoking, alcohol consumption, small hooliganism, as well as other types of minor violations.

Although when compared to 2017 the number of cases reported to police has increased, it should be said that the information that is reported to the police is but ‘a small fraction’ of the total number of incidents at schools. ‘It is clear risk won’t go away on their own. Reducing risks requires a lot of commitment and hard work,’ police say.

Latvian State Police report that a special handbook with guidelines to assist school administrations with evaluation of security aspects. Using this material, school administration will be able to understand which aspects answer for security, compile lists of security risks and use them successfully to ensure safety in schools.


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