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Latvian Ambassador: Hopes of Russia's U-turn on missile treaty are little

Māris Riekstiņš/flickr.com/Foreign Affairs Ministery

Addressing Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Latvian Ambassador to Russia Māris Riekstiņš has noted to LTV’s Rīta Panorāma that there was hope that Russia would change its mind, but the hope was little.

The Kremlin announced the decision in response to a similar decision by the government of the United States.

In an interview on the Latvian state television channel on Friday, February 8, Ambassador Riekstiņš also emphasised that in fast the treaty was still in force, since the U.S. still has to make certain steps to pull out of the deal.

Riekstiņš, who is also a former Foreign Minister of Latvia, evaluated that in case the treaty really collapses, neither the Baltic states nor Europe would be endangered. At the same time the document was significant for the reason that it eliminated the possibility of a nuclear conflict being triggered by mistake, explained the Latvian Ambassador to Russia.


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