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Meat of sick livestock from Poland delivered to Lido restaurant

Photo: virtualriga.lv
A small amount of meat from sick livestock from Poland has been found in a Lido restaurant, as confirmed by Chief of Latvian Food and Veterinary Service’s Public Relations Office Ilze Meistere.

She reports that Lido has received a total of 27 kg of meat, 9 kg of aforementioned meat remains stored in the company’s warehouse. 18 kg of this meat has already been sent to public catering companies.

Meistere notes that Lido will have to dispose of diseased meat still stored in its warehouse. Meanwhile, an inspection has been launched in relation to the ordered meat to see if it was used in preparation of meals. «So far we have determined the remaining 18 kg of meat from Poland was not served in meals but used in preparation of sausages. Fortunately, none of those products have reached consumers,» says FVS Public Relations Office head.

At the same time, Meistere says consumption of this meat is not dangerous as long as it goes through sufficient thermal processing.

«The company provided sufficient documents for us to trace the remaining amount of meat and how part of it was used. All this helped us quickly pull this meat from the market,» added Meistere.

On Thursday, 31 January, LTV programme Panorāma reported that a company in Poland, circumventing proper control processes, slaughtered and exported meat of sick livestock. At the same time, FVS representatives say Latvia imports from Poland mostly processed meat that has undergone additional inspections.


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