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New Unity’s candidate to offer partners to sign Fiscal Pact

Krišjānis Kariņš/facebook.com/karinskrisjanis
New Unity’s prime minister candidate Krišjānis Kariņš intends to offer partners of the government to sign a Fiscal Pact, which, among other things, proposes not supporting raising or introducing any new taxes this year.

As Kariņš told journalists after meeting with partners of the forming government on Monday, 14 January, that politicians were offered the Fiscal Pact, signing which parties would commit to sticking with Latvia’s medium-term budget outlooks.

«We have to agree just how much money we have and include all political sectors in in a single budget’s borders – dividing money either in favour of one or the other field. If someone proposes raising taxes, they will be able to do this. However, I can say as much – we will not support raising any taxes in 2019,» said Kariņš.

On Monday, 14 January, it is planned to listen to Finance Ministry officials’ opinions on budget influence of the proposed declaration.

This would be the third document signed by the forming government. Partners have already started discussing the cooperation agreement and government declaration.

When asked if the government’s chosen approach may include non-deficit budget, or if some deficit is possible, Kariņš noted that the 2019 budget project with 1% deficit has been coordinated with European Commission.

Development of the 2020 budget, according to the politician would focus on non-deficit budget. At the same time, he said it is important to keep in mind that society has great needs when it comes to wages and other matters. The prime minister candidate’s stance is allowing lower deficit than initially proposed. Kariņš noted that it would be positive for this year’s budget to have a slightly lower deficit than initially planned – 0.9% or 0.8%.

When asked if his government’s would support Ieva Jaunzeme as a candidate for the post of the State Revenue Service, the prime minister candidate said this matter would be discussed at the 14 January meeting. Voicing his personal opinion, Kariņš said he sees no reasons why a person picked through a personnel selection process could be appointed to the aforementioned post.


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