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Latvia’s forming government’s priorities include minimal wages and schools

Photo: flickr.com/Saeima
Among the priorities of Latvia’s forming government is the administrative territorial reform, strengthening of the national economy, reformation in education and healthcare, «uncompromised rule of law», state security, cooperation with diaspora and demography, according to information LETA.

Ideas for the government declaration will be discussed among partners. Politicians of New Unity have stressed that among the initiatives there are also those that could require considerable financing, which is something the budget does not have. Because of this, some of the plans may be put on hold.

The initial declaration has a total of 15 sections with multiple sub-points with general goals.

For example, the strengthening of the national economy stressed in the plan, promising responsible fiscal policy and reviewing budget costs, reducing administrative burden for the state and municipal institutions. In the tax field it is promised to establish a transparent tax policy, including the continued transition of the tax burden from labour taxes to indirect taxes, increasing minimal wages and pushing non-taxable minimum closer to minimal wage, as well as simplifying application of the labour tax.

The initial declaration document also mentions that the main goal of the state security system is ensuring security and state protection against modern conventional and unconventional threats. State security and defence should be based on national self-defence and collective defence. Additionally, state defence should be comprehensive and there should be social tolerance against external influences. It is also necessary to nurture residents’ belief in Latvia and its national values. There is also need to strengthen the country’s cyber security and national cyber security capabilities.

The government declaration also promises an «uncompromised rule of law». It is promised to improve society’s trust in the courts of law through raising the prestige of the court justice system. The need to develop the State Language Centre’s ability to identify state language violations, as well as develop the prison infrastructure, is also stressed in the document. The government also plans to reduce political parties’ dependence on private donations by increasing their budget financing.

In the country’s healthcare field, the forming government offers writing down that receiving healthcare is one of basic human rights. Thus the government intends to come up with a universal health insurance system financed from different sources ensuring healthcare service accessibility for all residents equally regardless of their place of residence.

Politicians of the forming government also promise evaluating opportunities to reduce VAT on fresh meat, eggs and dairy products.

The government’s vision for the country’s economy is described as «Latvia – a land of talents undergoing rapid and sustainable economic growth with all members of society enjoying benefits». Priorities in this field include exports, productivity and labour force accessibility.

In foreign policy field it is planned to preserve the existing international system and continue development in accordance with modern challenges, ensuring Latvia’s active participation in international organizations, especially EU, NATO and OECD.


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