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Union of Greens and Farmers supports Aldis Gobzems as prime minister candidate

Armands Krauze/flickr.com/Saeima
Chairman of the Union of Greens and Farmers Union Armands Krauze may be given the post of Agriculture Minister in Aldis Gobzems government, as several politicians said after the meeting between the KPV LV leader and UGF representatives.

At the same time, Latvian Green Party, which is part of UGF, maintains Raimonds Bergmanis as its candidate for the post of defence minister, says UGF board member Edgars Tavars.

Gobzems has offered giving UGF agriculture ministry and defence ministry.

Krauze said UGF board has agreed to accept Gobzems’ proposed division of seats in the Cabinet of Ministers.

The political party has agreed to continue supporting Gobzems as the prime minister candidate, as well as agree on discussing certain points of the government declaration. It is planned to discuss UGF priorities in future talks – agriculture and economic development matters.

It is also planned to discuss continuation of reforms in healthcare, as well as MPC system, as reported by UGF chairman.


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