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Saeima Budget and Finance Committee supports temporary budget for final reading

Photo: Saeima Press Service
On Tuesday, 4 December, Latvian Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee supported for the last reading amendments to the Law on Budget and Financial Management to guarantee funding next year for several decisions made by the previous Saeima, as reported by the parliament’s press-service.

Amendments to the law were approved to ensure larger pensions and benefits, wage increase for teachers, as well as to comply with the ruling of the Constitutional Court on wages for judges and prosecutors, as added by the parliament.

Amendments also state that next year’s budget expenditures will not be allowed to exceed expenditures established for the medium-term budget plan.

Changes to the law are needed because of the situation with state budget approval in the Saeima. With this situation, state budget expenditures will not be allowed to exceed one-twelfth of the previous year’s funding. This is not enough to finance wage increases for doctors and judges, as well as secure grants for municipalities, as mentioned in the legislative draft’s annotation.

It is planned the Saeima will decide on amendments on 6 December.


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