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Latvian ministry: UN migration declaration is now legally binding

Edgars Rinkevičs, the Minister of Foreign Affairs
The world is becoming more complicated and open; there are many very uneven life situations and regulations UN has discussed over a long period of time. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration document is not legally binding. It is more of a political commitment, says Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Communication Directorate manager Gints Jegermanis.

The UN declaration is not a pact, but a document that clarifies matters associated with global migration. It is a global declaration committed to resolving migration-related matters, of which there is a large number, said the head of the ministry’s communication directorate in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

There are many unclear aspects to migration processes. With approval of this declaration, countries will be able to share information. The declaration also includes points that will help prevent human trafficking and migrant contraband. 23 points of the declaration covers all levels related to the migration process, says Jegermanis. He says migration in the European Union is regulated, but there are many countries in which processes remain disorganized. With that, the declaration will pave the way towards global solutions in these matters.

When asked about the responsibilities this declaration has in store for Latvia, Foreign Affairs Ministry’s representative said «this document is not legally binding; UN declaration and resolutions represent political commitment. The document stresses that countries have the right to set their own migration policy, as well as categories of migrants – refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.»

It is expected a forum will be organized to discuss the declaration.


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