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Pabriks: AP may not agree to confidentiality in government formation talks

Artis Pabriks/flickr.com
Attīstībai/Par! will not likely agree to the confidentiality requested by nominated prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems from KPV LV, says AP representative Artis Pabriks.

In an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV, Pabriks said during government formation talks on 27 November participating parties were offered to sign a confidentiality agreement, which means neither journalists nor mass media, or even society would be able to find out about the reforms offered in the government formation process.

«I am convinced AP representatives will not be able to sign such a confidentiality agreement, because that would go against established values we represent and state interests,» said the politician, adding that his party plans to request from the Constitution Protection Bureau and other security institutions to comment on the possible development of the situation.

Gobzems’ nomination came as a surprise for Pabriks not because he had hoped to be nominated himself, but because with this decision President Raimonds Vējonis has taken a great deal of responsibility on his shoulders. «As far as I can tell, signals and information provided by security institutions in regards to possible problems with provision of permits to access official secrets for the chosen candidate were ignored. I allow the ongoing government formation process may turn out more successful, considering the president has taken co-responsibility,» said Pabriks.

He believes the president should help form the new government, because there are a number of unclear matters in the process. «It seems to me society should be explained how things will progress from here, because it is necessary to resolve the pile of financial matters and banking matters in the next six months, because leaving them unresolved would hurt business sector. Without access to official secrets these matters will be impossible to resolve. If the prime minister or other ministers are not provided with access to official secrets, the new government may not be sustainable,» said Pabriks.

BNN had previously reported that five parties have responded to KPV LV party’s invitation to commence government formation talks – New Conservative Party, Attīstībai/Par!, Union of Greens and Farmers, National Alliance ‘All for Latvia’-‘For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK’ and New Unity.


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