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Gasoline prices raised one santim for second time this week

Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA.
 RIGA, Nov 23 - Today, most fuel retailers raised 95 octane gasoline prices by one santim per liter for the second time this week, according to LETA's daily survey of fuel prices.
"Statoil" increased 95 octane gasoline price from 95.9 santims to 96.9 santims per liter, "Lukoil" - from 94.6 to 95.5 santims per liter, "Neste" - from 94.7 santims to 95.7 santims per liter.
"Viada" raised 95 octane gasoline price to 95.9 santims per liter, "Augstceltne DUS "Kursi"" - to 96.9 santims per liter, "Virsi" - to 95.2 santims per liter, "Astarte-nafte" - to 96.2 santims per liter.
95 octane gas price remains unchanged at 93.7 santims per liter at "Latvijas nafta" filling stations, but the price was increased by two santims to 95.7 santims per liter at "Dinaz" filling stations.
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