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Corruption watchdog requests criminal prosecution of persons of illegal financing of political parties

Gatis Truksnis/flickr.com/Green Bridge Forum
Latvia’s Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has asked Prosecutor General’s Office to commence criminal prosecution of Jurmala Mayor Gatis Truksnis and businessman Jūlijs Krūmiņš for illegally financing the Union of Greens and Farmers. Krūmiņš is also accused of illegally financing For Latvia from the Heart.

According to the information from CPCB, Truksnis is asked to be prosecuted not only for illegally financing political parties but also forging and using forged documents.

Krūmiņš is asked to be prosecuted for two crimes associated with illegal financing of political parties.

Based on information reported by CPCB, it is assumed an official of Jurmala City Council had agreed with Krūmiņš on using a third person to illegally finance political parties during municipal elections.

Krūmiņš used his bank account to transfer large sums of money to political parties. Truksnis then informed Krūmiņš that ‘donations’ were not received. Krūmiņš contacted ‘supporters’ and their mediators and Jurmala City Council official, revealing the names of said ‘supporters’ and their associates.

Later, a board member of political parties association said there was an opinion voiced during a meeting of the party’s board that every member would attract supporters for their campaigns, which is exactly what was done in the end.

Additionally, CPCB requests prosecuting the head of Truksnis’ office Ingrīda Vilkārse and Jorens Raitums, a financier associated with For Latvia from the Heart political party, for forging documents and using said forged documents.

According to information from CPCB and LETA regarding document forging, it is believed Truksnis had informed the head of his office in spring 2016 of his inability to show up for work that day. Vilkārse proposed ‘registering a leave of absence’ and then proceeded to fill in and approve a business trip notification document.

Other available information suggests that Krūmiņš had allocated money for For Latvia from The Heart on multiple occasions. In one such episode Krūmiņš also provided money to Raitums.

The latter then divided money among five other persons, who then transferred their amounts to the party. In another episode, Krūmiņš also paid for services and products purchased by For Latvia from The Heart. In 2016, Nekā personīga programme reported that among the possible mediators were youngster by the name of Jānis Dāvis, a livestock farmer by the name of Mārtiņš Butāns, construction company manager Kristīne Petruškina, former LTV employee Ivars Falks, carpenter Jānis Raudzeps and businessman Anrī Kursītis.

The programme explained that all of them made donations to For Latvia from The Heart worth EUR 14,000 to EUR 15,000.

CPCB has ordered For Latvia from The Heart to pay to the state budget illegally received donations worth EUR 32,534.

Additionally, CPCM found signs of other possible administrative violations.

As previously reported, following a report from Nekā personīga TV3 programme, Latvian State Police has punished Truksnis for storage of illegal narcotics.


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