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Minister: corrections are possible for the Law on Financing of Health Care

Anda Čakša/flickr.com/State Chancellery
Corrections for the Law on Financing of Health Care are permissible, especially when it comes to the matter with connecting healthcare service provision with social fees. Termination of this law would be a crime against doctors, because it would also cancel their wage increase, Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša said in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

She mentioned the benefits of his law, specifically how it provides wage increase for doctors and nurses, as well as the opportunity to improve healthcare. One other positive factor is that nurses have begun returning from foreign countries in search of better wages.

Čakša reminded in her interview that a system has been commenced. In it, employees and employers pay an additional 1% to healthcare. This social fee has already secured EUR 85 million this year. This funding has allowed increasing wages for doctors and nurses. Still, the minister added that corrections to the law regarding the ties between healthcare services and social fees would be permissible.

As previously reported, during coalition formation talks and the pre-election campaign, Attīstībai Par! political party talked about cancelling the aforementioned law. The party’s chairman Daniels Pavļuts said the next government should provide residents with accessible healthcare and radically change the existing model, liquidating the discriminatory, as he put it, healthcare service provision based on social contributions.


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