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NCP and National Alliance committed to put aside their «complicated history»

Raivis Dzintars/flickr.com.
National Alliance «All for Latvia!» – «For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK» and the New Conservative party share views on certain values and even their «complicated history» will not be an obstacle for constructive work between them, said leaders of both parties after a shared meeting.

NPC leader Jānis Bordāns told journalists after the meeting of two parties that they had discussed a number of topics and have found matters on which their opinions coincide.

National Alliance’s co-chairman Raivis Dzintars said this was a successful first meeting, and that the conversation was constructive. Both parties will definitely discuss matters in the future, especially when it comes to ideological values, said the politician.

«Our organizations share a complicated history, but we do share an understanding that this history will not be an obstacle for constructive work,» said Dzintars, adding that the country is currently in a complicated situation with a rather fractured new parliament. With that, both sides should be able to take a step forward in order to form a capable government and approve the budget, said the politician.

He also stressed that it is too soon to speak about a possible new government composition. «However, I am completely sure we will have cooperation with NCP in one form or another,» added Dzintars.

Prior to elections, NCP politician Juris Jurašs said he has in his hands a print-out of the account owned by former insolvency administrator Aigars Lūsis. This document supposedly details money transfers provided to Dzintars, National Alliance board member Parādnieks and his wife. After this announcement, both Jurašs and Dzintars turned to law enforcement institutions. Dzintars later published on his Facebook page the letter sent to him by an investigator from Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, which stated that the bureau had refused to launch a criminal process because there was no composition of a crime.

Commenting on this situation, Bordāns said it is necessary to separate the ‘humane from factual’, and that ‘life is a process’. He stressed that meets with parties that have received support from voters, and that politicians have to behave accordingly and form the government.


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