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Government-building in Latvia sluggish; disputes emerge between KPV LV and UGF

Aldis Gobzems/publicity photo.
The government formation process in Latvia is progressing carefully at the moment. No coalition outline is seen after one day of talks among parties. With that said, some parties are already engaged in heated disputes. KPV LV and the Union of Greens and Farmers have managed to start an argument even before meeting.

The chosen representatives of UGF’s delegation are at the very heart of the argument.

The New Conservative Party and KPV LV had a meeting on Tuesday, 9 October. After meeting with KPV LV, NCP also met with representatives of Attīstībai/Par! party. On Wednesday the party will hold meetings with the National Alliance and New Unity.

NCP and KPV LV, meanwhile, have found they share a lot in common. Still, the two parties have yet to discuss formation of a bloc or division of posts, as leaders of the two parties mentioned after the meeting. NCP leader Jānis Bordāns said both parties agree on continuing Latvia’s current foreign policy course, as well as matters like security and rule of law. Other points on which the two parties agree on include the matter on limiting gambling and fast loans.

KPV LV politician Aldis Gobzems said the two parties have discussed a specific plan, not posts. He mentioned as priorities the cancellation of mandatory procurement component, development of regions, halting immigration and motivating countrymen to return home.

Both politicians were reluctant to say which party should take the initiative in government formation talks and the post of the prime minister, stressing that it is more important to discuss work, not posts. Both parties plan to meet with other parties to discuss formation of the government. With that, while talks continue, no party blocs will be formed, the politicians said.

Gobzems did say that KPV LV and NCP could form the core of the government. However, this topic has not yet been properly discussed. The conversation was ‘very constructive’ between the two parties, adding that the two political parties have a common goal – forming respectable policy to help restore the reputation of the government and parliament, he said.

More clarity about the coalition model and progress of political talks could appear after NCP’s meeting with all remaining political forces. After talks with Attīstībai/Par!, prime minister candidate Jānis Bordāns said that the conversation passed in a positive atmosphere. The two parties have matters on which their opinions coincide, which warrant future conversations.  At the same time, Bordāns reminds this was only the second meeting and that it is necessary to meet with other political parties.

Attīstībai/Par! leader Daniels Pavļuts said that there are many unanswered questions regarding government formation process. With that, it is necessary to wait for results of talks with all political parties.

After talks, both politicians stressed that no party blocs are in the process of being formed. When asked about working under a government run by Bordāns, Pavļuts said: «We did not touch on this topic directly, but we did attend these talks, which means we responded to the initiative that NCP may propose its own prime minister candidate.»

Pavļuts said his party will also respond to KPV LV invitation for talks. He refrained from saying if his party would be prepared to work under a government led by Aldis Gobzems.

Disputes surfaced between KPV LV and Union of Greens and Farmers. Because of that, the two parties are unlikely to discuss government formation. KPV LV has announced that it will not hold talks with UGF if this party picks representatives not represented in the Saeima – Augusts Brigmanis and Edgars Tavars.


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