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NCP and KPV LV agree to sit down and discuss matters

Aldis Gobzems/publicity photo.
Representatives of the New Conservative Party and KPV LV met on 9 October to discuss the possible coalition. As noted by KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems, both parties will soon meet again to continue discussions.

«We discussed with NCP several basic points. We also concluded that we have a lot more in common than we thought. We will also converse with other political parties. We see progress in all this,» said Gobzems.

Gobzems notes that he apologized for his previous statements in relation to NCP’s political capabilities. He said he was misled by the information flow. ‘It is important to discuss the things we can do for the benefit of society.’ Gobzems continued: ‘We did not discuss the composition of the government. Nevertheless, our goal is checking if we have an understanding on our views.’

Jānis Bordāns added that both political parties have talks with other parties scheduled for the near future.

KPV LV leader Artuss Kaimiņš mentioned during a live stream over Facebook.com that he was shocked to find out deputies who are in the 12th Saeima but not in the next one no longer come to work. Nevertheless, 12th Saeima will continue working as usual until a new parliament composition has been formed.

BNN had previously reported that seven parties have passed the 5% barrier in the 13th Saeima elections. Concord received 19.8% of votes, KPV LV – 14.25%, New Conservative Party – 13.59%, Attīstībai/Par – 12.04%, National Alliance – 11.01%, Union of Greens and Farmers – 9.91%, and New Unity – 6.69%.

Latvian Association of Regions (4.14%), Latvia Russians Union (3.2%) and Progressive party (2.61%) were left behind. Although they failed to enter the Saeima, these parties will be able to receive state financial support.

Voters’ activity during 13th Saeima elections was at an all-time low in Latvia’s history – 54.6%. 845,196 out of 1,548,100 citizens with voting rights had participated in elections.


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