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Vote on open election of state president progresses – draft supported for 2nd reading

Photo: Saeima Chancellery.
Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee supported for the second reading amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia that provide for election of the state president through an open vote by the Saeima, as confirmed by the parliament’s press-service.

Currently the Constitution states that Latvia’s president is elected with votes from no fewer than 51 members of the Saeima. The vote itself takes place behind closed doors. To improve society’s trust in the Saeima, it is necessary to provide transparency of its work. The vote to elect the state president is the only closed vote the Saeima has, authors of the legislative draft stated in the annotation.

As previously mentioned by the committee’s head Gaidis Bērziņš, Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee intends to push amendments to the Constitution before elections if enough support is received from deputies.

The legislative draft itself was submitted by Latvian Association of Regions. Support for this initiative has been voiced by Concord, Unity and the National Alliance. The Union of Greens and Farmers, however, has yet to make up its mind.

For amendments to come to force, they have to be reviewed and approved by the Saeima in two more readings.


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