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Saeima deputies fail to arrive at meeting to discuss open presidential elections

Photo: flickr.com/ Saeima.
Due to the fact that not enough Saeima deputies showed up for the meeting of the parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee on Tuesday, 12 September, it was not possible to review amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia on open election of the state president, said the committee’s chairman Gaidis Bērziņš.

The next meeting to view this matter will take place 13 September.

Bērziņš said some deputies had announced their absence from the meeting in advance, but provided no reasons. Other members of the committee had failed to report their failure to attend the meeting. In the end, only four deputies attended the meeting.

The politician said that if the next meeting gathers enough deputies, with Saeima’s support amendments could be approved in the final reading on 4 October.

Bērziņš was surprised to see no members of the Latvian Association of Regions at the meeting, considering that this party had previously criticized the committee for the slow progress of amendments. Even his assistant Inese Lībiņa-Egnere mentioned on Twitter that the committee lacked the vote of one deputy to commence work. She also mentioned that the meeting was not attended by Saeima deputy Inga Bite (LAR).

Bite apologized on Twitter and admitted her mistake, saying that the meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee should have been more of a priority than debates for political parties organized by Latvian Chamber for Commerce and Industry, which she had attended instead of the meeting. LAR mentioned in its announcement to the media that the Legal Affairs Committee had been informed of Bite’s absence well in advance.

LAR also mentioned that it is possible the Union of Greens and Farmers and Concord had intentionally not showed up at the meeting. The party believes it was a mistake to expect parties represented in the Saeima to keep their promise in matter on open presidential elections.


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