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Saeima Committee supports publication of KGB papers in 2018

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On Wednesday, 12 September, Saeima Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee supported in the second reading publication of KGB archive documents on the internet in 2018.

Publication will also include KGB agents’ telephone books, which contain information about in-house and freelance agents. All materials will be published on the website of Latvia’s National Archive.

Publication of other KGB documents will follow after 1 May 2019.

Constitution Protection Bureau’s Centre for the Documentation of the Consequences of Totalitarianism and the National Archive will have three weeks to prepare approximately 10,000 cards for digitization and upload in PDF format. It is planned to publish archive cards on the internet this year.

Digitization of documents to make it possible for users to search through them will require four months.

Latvia’s Saeima will have to decide on changes to the law in the second and third readings before their approval. The vote is scheduled to take place just before 13th Saeima elections – 4 October.


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