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Immigration control to increase in Latvia during Pope’s visit

Pope Francis/pixabay.com.
During the visit of Pope Francis to Latvia, immigration control will be increased. Nevertheless, border control will not be restored within internal borders, as it is planned in Estonia, as reported by Latvian State Border Guard representative Jolanta Babiško.

She says border officials will perform appropriate measures at all border checkpoints. This includes increasing immigration control along internal borders.

Up until last Friday, Latvian Border Guard had not received any announcements from Estonia regarding restoration of border control, as it is provided by Schengen requirements.

Prior to this month’s visit of Pope Francis, Estonia plans to temporarily restored border control along Schengen Zone borders. Border control will be restored 24 September – one day prior to the Pope’s arrival in Estonia.

It is also reported that the government provided Interior Affairs Ministry funding of EUR 60,432 in July. This funding is intended to finance security measures for the Pope’s visit, which includes increased border control.

EUR 42,580 are intended to ensure increased border control along Latvia’s external land border and Riga International Airport from 19 September to midnight 24 September.


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