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CEC to request information about Tatyana Zhdanok from security services

Tatyana Zhdanok/flickr.com.
Latvia’s Central Election Commission has decided to ask security services to provide information regarding Saeima deputy candidate Tatyana Zhdanok from Latvian Russians Union.

Arnis Cimdars, chairman of Latvia’s Central Election Commission, said during the meeting today that this decision was made in consideration of the fact that Tatyana Zhdanok worked in the Communist party after 13 January 1991.

Latvia’s Constitutional Court decided not to lift the restriction on participation in Saeima elections for people who worked in specific Soviet organizations after events of 13 January 1991. At the same time, the court stressed that the law includes a mechanism using which each case can be reviewed individually to see if the restriction is applicable to chosen candidates.

When checking candidates, CEC needs to make sure if the person’s activities in Soviet organizations were confirmed with a ruling from a court of justice, but also if that person’s actions still threaten the independence and democratic principles of the Republic of Latvia.

The case was launched by the Constitutional Court following a complaint from Tatyana Zhdanok about restrictions for former Soviet activists to participate in Saeima elections. Zhdanok did work in the Communist party after 13 January 1991. Because of that, the law forbids her from taking part in Saeima elections as a candidate.

BNN had previously reported that in spite of this restriction, Latvian Russians Union has decided to pick Tatyana Zhdanok as its candidate in Vidzeme.


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