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Sixteen parties and party union candidate lists to participate in 13th Saeima elections

Photo: Saeima Chancellery.
Submission period for candidate lists for 13th Saeima elections has officially concluded in Latvia. Latvia’s Centrist Party and Par Alternatīvu were the last parties to have submitted their candidate lists.

With that, a total of sixteen parties and party unions have submitted candidate lists for 13th Saeima elections. This is also three more candidate lists when compared to 2014 Saeima elections.

Latvia’s Centrist Party has 23 deputy candidates and Par Alternatīvu party has 37 candidates. Both lists were submitted in all regions included in Saeima elections – Riga, Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme and Zemgale.

Central Election Commission reports that a total of 1,470 candidates will be taking part in upcoming elections. Fifteen candidates will be competing for each of the 100 seats in the Saeima. Compared to the previous elections, the number of candidates has increased – 1,156 candidates participated in Saeima elections in 2014.

Among the 13th Saeima candidates 68.3% are men and 31.7% are women. 79.2% of candidates have higher education, 20.3% have secondary education, and 0.5% of candidates only have primary education.

24.3% of candidates are aged 31 to 40 and 23.7% are aged 51 to 60. The average age of 13th Saeima candidates is 44.6 years. The oldest candidate is 88, and the youngest is 21.

66.5% of Saeima candidates have stated that their nationality is Latvian. 4.9% of candidates are Russian. There are also representatives of other nationalities (American, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, German, etc.). 27% of candidates have not stated their nationality.

Central Election Commission plans to hold a meeting to discuss candidate lists on Wednesday, 8 August. The lottery for numbers will be held in Saeima’s Red Hall on Friday, 10 August.


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