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Tatyana Zhdanok picked as candidate in Vidzeme in spite of Constitutional Court’s ruling

Tatyana Zhdanok/flickr.com.
Even though Latvia’s Constitutional Court decided against cancelling the restriction for persons who worked in certain Soviet organizations after events of 13 January, 1991 to participate in Saeima elections, Latvian Russians Union has decided to propose Tatyana Zhdanok as a candidate leader in Vidzeme, according to candidate lists submitted by the party to the Central Election Commission.

According to the list submitted to CEC, there will be 84 candidates from Latvian Russians Union participating in 13th Saeima elections. Aside from Zhdanok, candidates from the party in Vidzeme include Andris Tolmačovs, Elīna Čujanova, Aleksandrs Klapins and Ludmila Rodionova.

The party’s candidate list in Riga includes MEP and their nominal prime minister candidate Andrejs Mamikins, Irina Bobkova, Aleksandrs Kuzmins, Aleksandrs Filejs, Jakovs Pliners, Vladimirs Buzajevs, Natālija Jolkina, Aleksandrs Gamaļejevs, Dmitrijs Šandibins, and Dmitrijs Sisoļatins.

The leader of Latvian Russians Union’s candidate list in Zemgale is Aizkrauke County Council deputy Ludmila Ušakova. Other candidates include so far unregistered Latvian Public Organizations Council coordinator Viktors Guščins, Sergeijs Volkovs, Jelgava Russian Culture Association ‘Veche’ CEO Valentīna Kudrjavceva and Deniss Ignatjevs.

The party’s candidate list leader in Latgale is the party’s board member Jevgēņija Krjukova. Other candidates include Aleksandrs Ļivčaks, Aleksandrs Vasiļjevs, Anita Daukšte, and Andrejs Smirnovs.

In Kurzeme, Latvian Russians Union has eight candidates: Elita Kosaka, Žanna Muzikantova, Tamāra Šustova, Nelli Kujavska, Ilona Titarenko, Valentina Lišeņa, Konstantīns Boroņins and Nataļja Bernatska.

The party mentions in its pre-election campaign that it defends the cultural-linguistic interests of the Russian community in Latvia, and that the party is open to all people of good will ready to fight and win for people’s rights and self-esteem. LRU stresses that its goal is ensuring equal rights to all of the country’s residents regardless of their nationality and spoken language.

At the same time, the party mentions that its members do not expect to be elected in the government. «None of the national minority parties in Latvia will be participating in the formation of the government after 13th Saeima elections. This is because ethnic discrimination will not allow this. LRU’s goal is restoring in the Saeima a faction that would fight to preserve Russian education,» as mentioned in the party’s campaign.

It is also mentioned that the party will continue organizing protest acts. The party promises: «Using Russian protest movement, we will build in Latvia a civil movement that will change the established political elite, making it function in the interest of economic development and social justice.»

13th Saeima elections will take place in the first Saturday of October.

As previously reported, Latvia’s Constitutional Court has declared that the section of the law that prohibits participation in Saeima elections for people who worked in Soviet organizations after 13 January 1991 complies with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia with an «appropriate interpretation».

LRU told mass media outlets that the Constitutional Court’s verdict does not contain a «categorical restriction». With that, the Central Election Commission will be the one to decide should Zhdanok be allowed to participate.


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