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Latvian government agrees on 20% increase of doctors’ wages

Photo: pixabay.com.
Wages are to grow 20% every year from 2021 onward.  A work group responsible for developing a plan for medium-term increase of wages for doctors has reached an agreement on this, as confirmed by Healthcare Ministry’s press-representative Oskars Šneiders.

Realization of this plan and increase of wages by 20% will secure doctors and outpatient sector specialists wages up to EUR 1,350 on average. Health and patient care specialists and assistants will be secured wages up to EUR 810 on average, whereas wages of health and patient care support staff will reach EUR 540. Wages of daycare hospital doctors and specialists will increase to EUR 1,856 a month; health and patient care staff and specialist assistants’ wages will rise to EUR 1,114; health and patient support staff wages will grow to EUR 742.

Wages of healthcare personnel may vary because of certain factors, including work load, work experience, type of work performed, night shifts, etc., as well as existing forms of bonuses at the healthcare institution those people work for.

«The matter of wages for doctors and healthcare personnel is a priority for the healthcare sector. This year’s wage increase of 30% has helped reduce the outflow of medical personnel to the private healthcare sector. Nevertheless, we have to continue observing the situation and provide people with a clear state-funded healthcare perspective,» said Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša.

Realization of the plan next year would require an additional amount of EUR 70.7 million to secure increase of healthcare tariffs and include in them increased wages for people employed by healthcare institutions. Another EUR 19 million are needed so that hospitals and Emergency Health Service are able to ensure unhindered functionality after abolishment of normal work hours. Additional funding for healthcare has been added by Healthcare Ministry to the list of its priorities in the development of the 2019 state budget.


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