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Study: Latvian residents’ mood has improved in all areas

Photo: pixabay.com.
Latvian residents have become more positive about developments in the country. Positions in all indexes included in the study have improved. The biggest improvement was noticed in relation to the development of the general situation in the country, according to results of Baltic International Bank’s latest Latvian Barometer Study.

27% of respondents are positive about the country’s current situation. This means evaluation of this factor has improved by twelve index points over the course of the month (from -36 to -24).

Representatives of the study say that over the course of the past decade, this index has varied from -84 in 2009 (beginning of the crisis) to -10 in July 2015, when Raimonds Vējonis became president.

Residents are more critical, but still expect situation to improve

«Although interviewed residents have said in relation to the current economic state that it is either moderate (45%) or poor (46%), the general mood towards this topic has been steadily increasing since 2009, when it was as low as -79 points. Changes in relation to the economic state have seen an increase by six points, reaching twelve in total. This particular area has never been with a plus sign. Nevertheless, it did reach 0 in July 2013. It was when EU finance ministers had officially invited Latvia to join Eurozone,» study representatives say.

When asked about their opinion in regards to the future of Latvia’s economic development, residents were optimistic – 20% of respondents believe in a year Latvia’s economy will have improved. 46% of respondents said the situation will have remained the same. Economic growth outlook has grown by three index points in total.

When it comes to evaluating the work performed by the government, 74% of respondents remained critical.

Family welfare continues improving

When asked about their family’s material state, 15% of residents said their state is good. 54% of respondents said their family’s material state is moderate. Even though, looking back at the previous month, the evaluation of a family’s material state has increased by only a single index point, a growing trend is observed across previous years – the index has not dropped below -20 points since 2014.

«When asked about the changes they expect for their family after a year, 20% of residents are certain it will have improved. Over the course of the month, this index has improved from +3 to +5 index points – this is currently the only index with a plus sign. Since autumn 2014, which remains in memory with 12th Saeima’s start, index value has remained positive. This means people expect positive changes for the future,» says the study’s representative.


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