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New penalties for traffic violations come to force in Latvia

Thursday, 5 July, marked to coming into force of amendments to Latvian Code of Administrative Violations. Changes to the law include more severe penalties for several serious road traffic violations, including use of smart devices while driving, as reported by State Police.

«Statistics show that use of phones while behind the wheel remains a serious problem. Over the course of the first six months of 2018, police have compiled a total of 1,744 administrative violation reports. Previously such violations carried a penalty of a warning or a fine up to EUR 15. From now on, the penalty for using a phone, tablet PC or other smart devices while driving a car will be 25 to 100 euros. It should be added that this does not apply to situations when drivers use hands-free system,» police explains.

State Police also add that a total of 8,826 administrative violation reports have been compiled this year for not using seatbelts.

Until now the penalty for not using seatbelts was either a warning or a fine from 30 to 70 euros. The same penalty will apply to motorcycle, tricycle, quadricycle or moped drivers for not using helmets.

Administrative penalties will also be applied for aggressive driving, such as deliberate creation of dangerous situations, driving with a moped or motorcycle on a single wheel or a tricycle or quadricycle on back wheels. For such violations penalties will range from 70 to 280 euros. Suddenly engaging the brakes will also be a punishable offence, State Police continues.

Police add one exception will be sport and special events.


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