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Bathing season in Latvia to officially commence 15 May

Photo: pixabay.com.
Although many residents in Latvia already taken advantage of the warm weather and have taken a dip in bodies of water in the country, the official bathing season will begin Tuesday, 15 May, as reported by Health Inspectorate.

To make swimming safe, the inspectorate has already performed the first water quality tests in registered bathing locations. Results show that water quality is good and swimming is permitted in all 56 locations.

Water quality in the sea and internal bodies of water will be checked throughout the entire bathing season – 15 May to 15 September. Experts will also check if official locations also comply with the necessary maintenance and hygiene requirements.

«The inspectorate will perform water quality using laboratory tests and visually when taking samples. Laboratory tests will determine microbiological indexes – the presence of E.coli and intestinal enterococci. During visual evaluation experts will pay attention to the colour of the water, any waste or oil products and green-blue algae,» says the Health Inspectorate.

If results show that that water quality does not meet standards, the inspectorate will apply restrictions to locations unsafe for swimming. Recommendation to refrain from swimming in certain locations applies mostly to more sensitive residents – children, older residents and people with weakened immune system and people suffering from chronic diseases. People responsible for managing specific swimming locations will be informed of test results.

Considering rapid increase of air temperature, the Health Inspectorate reminds that water temperature is still low in some bodies of water. Because of that, residents who want to swim should be careful.


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