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Unity invites Finance Ministry to fix adopted tax reform’s flaws

Hosams Abu Meri/flickr.com/Saeima.
Members of Unity’s Saeima faction believe adoption of the tax reform was performed poorly and that new problems emerged from introducing it, creating misunderstandings for businessmen and residents.

Deputies emphasize that the European Commission also criticizes the tax reform, saying that opposite to original intentions, the objective to reduce inequality will not be reached. On top of that, the reform will limit people’s ability to increase state funding for healthcare and social assistance.

«A well-planned tax reform has instead created major misunderstandings over the realization of new tax regulations,» said the head of Unity’s Saeima faction Hosams Abu Meri, commenting on results of a recent meeting.

Unity members believe a qualified introduction of the reform is the ministry’s direct duty. The party expects all problems associated with the reform to be compiled soon, and that officials will offer a plan to fix them.

During a meeting with Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola on Wednesday, 7 March, officials discussed matters associated with financial system’s stability and reputation.

Members of Unity turned the minister’s attention towards the problems uncovered by FinCEN report. Deputies expect institutions to be pro-active and put money laundering measures on the finance minister’s desk at all times.


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