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Government supports development plans for cross-border package handling facilities

Photo: pixabay.com.
Latvia’s government supports development plans for cross-border postal packages processing facilities, as confirmed by Transport Ministry’s representatives.

The Cabinet of Ministers supported amendments for Cab. Req. Nr. 463 on provision of postal services, installation, deployment and execution of postal network access points, mailboxes and mailboxes, and the installation of cross-border mail handling facilities.

According to Transport Ministry, the Universal Postal Convention and its rules provide regulations for postal package exchange between postal operators and international mail processing centres.

Postal service development trends around the world point towards an interest of postal operators to expand in the international market and develop international offers and postal services.

‘In accordance with International Post Union resolutions, there is a need for postal operators in their respective countries to form additional Extraterritorial Offices of Exchange to process packages more efficiently in accordance with national regulations. These offices will be organized by postal operators based on commercial principles,’ the ministry explains.

Each country is able to permit or prohibit opening ETOE, or establish other principles to organize postal packages processing services.


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