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Interior Affairs Ministry disagrees with idea to reduce number of investigation institutions

Rihards Kozlovskis/flickr.com/Saeima.
Latvia’s Interior Affairs Ministry sees no need to reduce the number of security and investigation institutions in Latvia. Justice Ministry believes it is important to discuss this matter.

The parliamentary investigative committee mentioned in its final report a proposal to consider reducing the number of institutions performing different kinds of investigations. The committee has informed the Cabinet of Ministers of this proposal.

Internal Affairs Ministry has prepared a response letter to the Cabinet of Ministers. The document is planned to the approved on Tuesday, 27 February.

The letter mentions that in accordance with legislative acts, institutions with the authority to perform investigations include State Police, State Border Guard, Internal Security Bureau, State Revenue Service’s Tax and Customs Police, State Revenue Service’s Internal Security Bureau, Military Police, Prison Administration, Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, and state security institutions – Constitution Protection Bureau, Security Police and Military Intelligence and Security Service.

It is mentioned in the letter that until now the matter regarding the reduction of the number of institutions has not been discussed. In addition, the proposal is not entirely well-justified.

Competences of different institutions are detailed in regulations specific to each institution and requirements of the Criminal Law, because efficient preliminary court investigation is not possible without support from law enforcement. Every separate institution performs duties and objectives specific to them, as mentioned in the letter.

«Reduction of the number of investigative institutions without reviewing the functions and objectives of each one would not improve the quality of work. It will do the opposite – create more risks,» as mentioned by authors of the letter.

Latvia’s Justice Ministry has provided its opinion on the matter. Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnačs wrote to Interior Affairs Minister Rihards Kozlovskis that reduction of the number of institutions should be viewed in association with the functions performed by said institutions. Rasnačs believes it is necessary to organize a discussion and have representatives of all involved institutions participate in it.

Defence Ministry has two such institutions under its wing – Security Police and Military Intelligence and Security Service. The ministry adds that regulations clearly state the field of competence for each institution. It should also be mentioned that not all institutions performing specific security functions also take part in investigations.


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