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Police commence criminal process for contraband of psychotropic substances

Photo: flickr.com.
Latvia’s State Revenue Service (SRS) Tax and Customs Police have arrested two Lithuanian citizens for attempted smuggling of 57.628 kg of psychotropic substances. A criminal process has been launched, as confirmed by SRS.

«In February 2018, SRS Tax and Customs Police uncovered a large volume of contraband psychotropic substances. Using courier delivery services, a criminal group brought a dangerous substance to Latvia from Lithuania – gamma-butyrolactone or GBL. This substance is on the list of prohibited psychotropic substances in Latvia,» SRS reports.

SRS Tax and Customs police have launched a criminal process for smuggling illegal psychotropic substances over the border.

Two Lithuanian citizens have been detained. Two closed cigarettes were confiscated from one of the suspects. Lab results confirmed cigarettes contained cannabis. One person has been arrested and the other has been applied with security measure.


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