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Trade union worried teachers may not have time to prepare for new education content

Photo: flickr.com.
Teachers may not have enough time to prepare to work with new education content, said manager of Latvian Education and Science Workers’ Union Inga Vanaga in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

According to her, work on new education content is behind schedule. New guidelines for teachers will be published only in April. They will have to start working with them in September, with their vacation period in the middle.

Vanaga said that, following the transition to new teaching standards, teachers should be given more time to prepare. This would require additional funding, but no one wants to hear of this.

Transition to new content will affect pre-school teachers first of all. There is a certain amount of uncertainty for the matter with their wages, considering that the promised wage rise depends on municipalities, said the head of the trade union.

Vanaga says it is possible to divide children into smaller groups for language and music classes. There is no such option for mathematics and other exact subjects.


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