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Judins, Loskutovs, Čigāne and Dālderis to continue working in Unity’s faction

Aleksejs Loskutovs and Andrejs Judins/flickr.com.
Saeima members Andrejs Judins, Aleksejs Loskutovs, Lolita Čigāne and Ints Dālderis will continue working in Unity’s faction and coalition.

Deputies informed the board of ‘Kustības Par!’ political association, as confirmed on the party’s website.

As it is known, ‘Kustība Par!’ has decided to participate in Saeima elections as an alternative to the ruling coalition and avoid joining Unity’s alliance with regional parties.

Unity faction leader Hosams Abu Meri announced on Saturday, 17 February, that he is ready to forgive deputies who made a mistake and now want to do better. «We are prepared to forgive colleagues who created a different organization as long as they promise to work in a team,» said Abu Meri.

Deputies Andrejs Judins and Aleksejs Loskutovs have already announced their decision to leave ‘Kustības Par!’ party. Lolita Čigāne and Ints Dālderis have not made the decision to leave ‘Kustības Par!’ party. They do plan to remain in Unity’s faction.

The party has taken into account the decision made by aforementioned deputies. ‘Kustības Par!’ plans to continue work on formation of an alliance as an alternative for the ruling coalition.

On Monday, 19 February, Unity sent an open letter to ‘Kustība Par!’ with an invitation for talks to commence cooperation as two centrist democratic parties.


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