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Saeima supports member’s proposal to publish wages of Bank of Latvia employees

Photo: flickr.com/Saeima.
Latvia’s parliament has decided to support Ints Dālderis’ proposal to publish wages paid to employees of the Bank of Latvia, education institutions, as well as municipal capital associations.

Previously the Public Administration and Local Government Committee had declined this proposal. On Thursday, 22 February, the Saeima supported changes, deciding in favour of amendments to the Law on Remuneration of Officials and Employees of State and Self-government Authorities.

Proposals supported by the Saeima provide that the regulation regarding the publication of wages applies to all employees of the Bank of Latvia, general education institutions and vocational education institutions.

Proposals provide that the government will be able to decide wages of which employees and officials of the Bank of Latvia are not to be published due to reasons of state security. Members of the government will also decide the end terms at the end of which this information will become accessible in Latvia’s National Archive.

This will also apply to state or municipal capital associations, public private capital associations and capital associations in which state, municipal or public shareholders own all shares. The Cabinet of Ministers will be able to establish exceptions in those cases as well.


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