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Opinion: Russia is trying to use the situation to create chaos in Latvia

Ainars Latkovskis/Saeima Chancellery.
Russia is trying to use the established situation to create chaos in Latvia. Efforts, however, are fated to fail, says chairman of Saeima’s Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee Ainars Latkovskis.

Commenting on Defence Ministry’s report on the possibility of external forces trying to organize a massive information attack on Latvia, Latkovskis said that Russia’s policy is opportunistic. This country is trying to create chaos and make Latvia look like a failure state in the eyes of the international community. «They see the situation is already heated and are trying to pour oil into the fire,» says the politician.

At the same time, Latkovskis says this is not associated with the criminal process or the arrest of the governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs. «I fully trust law enforcement authorities. I believe we have to do everything we can to ensure the investigation is performed quickly,» said Latkovskis, adding that assistance should be requested from US Federal Bureau of Investigation and European Anti-Fraud Office.

Russia is trying to use this situation. It may increase efforts as elections come closer, says the chairman of Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee.

Latvia’s Defence Ministry suspects someone has organized a massive information campaign to defame Latvia in the eyes of the international community.

«All of this points to a massive information operation with a single goal in mind – to undermine Latvia’s reputation before western nations and plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds. There is a high probability that this is not the end of the information campaign – we can expect a continuation soon,» as mentioned in the ministry’s report. The ministry allows that this is only the beginning of efforts to affect Latvia’s internal policy and upcoming Saeima elections.


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