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Defence Ministry: a massive information campaign is being realized against Latvia

Photo: twitter.com/@AizsardzibasMin.
Considering events of the last several days in the country’s banking sector and the arrest of the governor of the Bank of Latvia – Ilmārs Rimšēvičs – it is entirely possible that someone is currently realizing a massive information operation. Its structure and execution is not unlike the one observed in USA, France and Germany during the pre-election period, BNN was told by Latvia’s Defence Ministry.

The analysis performed by Defence Ministry shows that the source of this campaign is the tweet posted by Associated Press journalist Carlo Piovano at 19:05 on 19 February with a link to AP News site and photo, showing Rimšēvičs meeting with several individuals. After checking the photo in the database of Scanpix photo agency, it was concluded that this particular photo was taken on 19 February 2018, not 2010. On top of that, this photo was added by a third party.

Defence Ministry points that this piece of news and photo was later spread to internet sites that had never reported any news about Latvia in the past. Many of them are less-known or not associated at all with the finance sector. This includes India Everyday, Idaho Press, The North Platte Telegraph, Conservative Angle, The Fresno Bee, Last Minute Christmas, and others. For many of them, this particular article is the only such publication. «This is a method that can help spread information very quickly,» the ministry notes.

«All of this points to a massive information operation with a single goal in mind – to undermine Latvia’s reputation before western nations and plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds. There is a high probability that this is not the end of the information campaign – we can expect a continuation soon,» as mentioned in the ministry’s report. The ministry allows that this is only the beginning of efforts to affect Latvia’s internal policy and upcoming Saeima elections.

Defence Ministry urges residents to critically assess information sources and avoid promoting such news.


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