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Raid reveals some taxi drivers in Riga do not have valid driver’s license

Phoro: pixabay.com.
A raid was performed by the State Revenue Service and Riga Municipal Police to check taxi service providers in the capital. Authorities uncovered a total of 81 violations in 48 cases, BNN was informed by SRS.

Inspections were performed throughout 9th – 11th February in 2018. The most common violations were associated with drivers not issuing receipts and not using counters. In 14 cases inspectors concluded that taxis were using counters that do not comply with specific technical requirements. On top of that, some drivers had no valid OCTA policies and valid technical inspection certificate. There were also taxi drivers with no valid driver’s licence.

SRS Tax Control Office Director Sandra Kārkliņa-Ādmine says: «The situation in the taxi industry is critical. This is demonstrated by many complaints we have received from passengers, as well as based on the industry’s existing level of dissatisfaction. Working legally and honestly in a time when a large number of businesses ignore elementary safety requirements for passengers. In compliance with our ‘consult first’, we have given more time for replacement of taxi counters. However, most taxi service providers have yet to replace them.»

Kārkliņa-Ādmine says inspections in the taxi service sector will continue.

SRS also noted that the recently performed raid has also helped uncover another problem. Using mobile applications, many drivers end up providing services illegally, without registering their status as employee or self-employed person. This is a punishable offence.

Riga Municipal Police Coordination and Statistics Office’s chief specialist Deins Millers says that the important objective for taxi sector’s monitoring institutions is making sure taxi services are safe and passenger-friendly. The rules must be made clear to all passengers. «I must admit that complaints we have received from passengers and taxi managers, as well as results of the inspection, all point to the fact that monitoring in this field should be performed more actively,» says Millers.


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