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Meteorologists warn about -25° C frost in Latvia in March

Photo: pixabay.com.
Global Forecast System predicts a possibility of -25° C frost in Latvia’s eastern parts at the beginning of March.

Meteorologists say that forecasts for low air temperatures are volatile – it is not possible to say just how cold and how harsh the frost could turn out.

Before the frost can settle in, some days may still be relatively warm and some precipitation is expected.

The lowest air temperature has dropped in recent years in Latvia in March was 2013, when it dropped as far as -26° C in Vidzeme on 11th and 12th. According to local residents, air temperature in Vecpiepalga had dropped as far as -28° C.

The absolute record of low air temperature was 14 March 1942, when it dropped to -34.4° C in Ainaži.

As previously reported, sudden changes have been observed with airflow in the stratosphere above the Arctic. In the next couple of weeks, changes will be reflected in the troposphere.

It is expected that anticyclones will block the usual airflow from the west and in middle latitudes, including the Baltic region, to which cold air from the Arctic will flow.

The last time such an event took place was 2013. This caused March in Latvia to be five degrees colder than usual.

It is likely that March in Latvia will have low air temperature and deep snow.


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