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Riga Central Market’s trade office manager arrested under suspicion of bribery

Photo: flickr.com/Mofajz.
In January 2017, Latvian State Police arrested the head of Riga Central Market’s trade organization office Aivo Bruģis under suspicion of bribery.

Officers of State Police Riga Region’s Criminal Police Office arrested Bruģis as part of a criminal process on 19 January. He is held suspect of requesting and accepting bribes while in post as public servant and performing official duties.

Police have applied a security measure for Bruģis – house arrest and restriction to take post as head of Riga Central Market’s trade organization office head.

Bruģis has worked at Riga Central Market since May 2011. As the head of trade organization office, his duties included the organization of trading in accordance with requirements of regulations.

Riga Central Market has terminated job relations with Bruģi based on a mutual agreement.

Vladimirs Kazarinovs has been appointed as the new head of the central market’s trade organization office. As noted by the market’s representatives, Kazarinovs was appointed as head of the office because of his prior experience.

His previous experience is associated with Rail Serviss, where he worked as CEO, as well as L-Ekspresis, where he performed duties as manager of building and territory planning office.


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