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Latvian prime minister wants to remain in power and preserve current government

Māris Kučinskis /flickr.com.
Latvia’s Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis would gladly work with the same team of ministers in the next government.

When asked if he were given a chance to form the government after the next Saeima elections and if he would preserve the current composition of the current Cabinet of Ministers, Kučinskis said he would preserve the entire coalition.

«I am generally satisfied with the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers, and I would gladly work with those people in the future,» comments Kučinskis, adding that the government led by him is characterized by teamwork and constant talks with discussions about important tasks.

On Monday, 12 February, the government approved the prime minister’s annual report for the Saeima in regards to the government’s accomplishments and future plans. It is mentioned in the report that it is the government’s goal is ensuring a balanced 5% GDP growth in a medium-term perspective, balancing the competitiveness of Latvia’s economy on technological factors, production efficiency and innovations.

The prime minister emphasized that although the national economy continues developing, the objective is working to ensure stable growth of the quality of life for residents.

According to him, 5% GDP growth annually is an ambitious goal that requires ambitious action. «Efficient use of Latvia’s natural resources, increase of end products’ value, development of local human capital and labour force mobility, as well as introduction of innovations would create a good foundation for private businesses,» adds Kučinskis.

The prime minister admits there still a lot of work left to do before Saeima elections. «The government has to continue working in a team, because postponing it every day would create a negative effect on Latvia’s development in the foreseeable future. To achieve established goals, the government will continue its dialogue with businesses, trade unions, NGOs and other public representatives. Only through teamwork it is possible to ensure sustainable growth,» said the prime minister.

At the same time, Kučinskis admits that the government works as a team, taking responsibility for choices that form the country’s policy and taking account the effect every decision could have on Latvia.

«The government’s work these past two years has been dynamic. It has required brave and reasonable steps towards improving Latvia’s competitiveness and residents’ welfare in a long-term perspective. Without a doubt, many important decisions, especially in regards to the country’s tax and healthcare systems, national economy and energy policy, as well as matters related to the development of education quality and competitiveness, were made in 2017,» said Kučinskis.


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