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Latvian president returns to Saeima amendments that deny offshores access to procurements

Raimonds Vējonis/president.lv.
On Friday, 9 February, President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis returned to the Saeima amendments to the Public Procurement Law that deny offshores access to public procurements. The parliament now has to review the document again, as BNN was informed by the State President’s Chancellery.

«This is the seventh time I return the hastily put together and shoddily reviewed proposal back to the Saeima. Amendments to the Public Procurement Law prove that the third reading is not the best time to propose solutions that were never discussed in previous two readings. Such a rushed and poorly put together legislative process is not in the interest of Latvian residents,» said Vējonis.

In his letter to Saeima speaker, the president mentioned that regulations submitted for the third reading have major flaws, which, according to Vējonis, prevent accomplishment of declared goals and instead create additional costs at the expense of the state budget and at risk of breaching EU legislation.

Vējonis also points out certain contradictory regulations in the law that put businesses registered in Latvia at a disadvantage when compared with businesses registered in low-tax areas of different countries.

The president supports the goals reachable through those contradictory measures. Nevertheless, he points to the current Public Procurements Law. Public resources and funds are provided only to persons who have paid taxes and have completed their duties before the state. This is a logical requirement that has been present in the law for years.

«By investing finances provided by EU funds in 2014-2020 planning period into public welfare, economic growth and sustainable development, we cannot afford to create conditions under which the state budget suffers losses,» the president mentioned in his letter to the Saeima speaker.

By returning the amendments to the Saeima for a repeated viewing, the president asks the parliament to decide on proposals submitted in the third reading. The president asked the Saeima to ensure only proposals discussed in previous readings reach the third and final reading. This would help avoid situations when dodgy proposals are submitted and approved in the third reading. It would also help improve society’s trust in the Saeima.


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