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Political association: the state’s permitted cruelty towards children has to end

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To prevent violations of children’s rights that could lead to tragedy, Kustība Par! political association plans to submits proposals for creation of an integrated support system for children with special needs.

«What happened in Ainaži children’s psycho-neurology hospital and the report from the ombudsman that followed after the story had exploded once again prove that there is a sense of cruelty towards children with special needs and behaviour disorders in state and municipal institutions,» notes that association.

Kustības Par! board member Marija Golubeva: «It is a system that is not limited to a single industry. 27 years later, we still see the same inhumane culture return to closed institutions.» She emphasizes that to end this culture, it is necessary to review and expand the Child Rights Protection Law.

The political association plans to submit proposals to resolve this problem soon. «The government has to put in a great deal of effort into the realization of the de-institutionalization plan for social care institutions. The government’s demographic action plan should include modern, integrated support systems for children with special needs.»

According to the association, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis, as the acting healthcare minister, to take full personal responsibility for the internal investigation in relation to uncovered violations in the hospital.

Kustība Par! also believes that every child, regardless of their accomplishments, have the right to be treated fairly, especially if they end up in a tough situation, get sick or lose parents. ‘In Latvia’s social policy children are not considered a value on their own, only as a future guarantee for society,’ the political association notes.

«A situation when kindergartens and education institutions, unable to resolve children’s behaviour disorders, send troublesome children to different psychiatric healthcare institutions is unacceptable. Kustība Par! believes society should be given the option to participate in protection of children’s rights,» politicians say.

As it is known, following a report from the ombudsman, State Police have commenced an inspection at children’s psycho-neurological hospital Ainaži.

The ombudsman and Health Inspectorate had found violations at the hospital earlier this year. Violations are associated with inappropriate actions of medical personnel, fixating patients to their beds.


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