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SRS: state budget suffers damages worth more than one million euros

Photo: pixabay.com.
In January, State Revenue Service’s (SRS) Tax and Customs Police Office sent a criminal process to the prosecutor’s office against three persons for committing crimes that caused damages to the state budget worth more than one million euros.

«After a number of investigative measures performed in cooperation with our Estonian colleagues, we have determined that the people in question had organized a chain of fictive transactions, making it look like cement was being procured,» SRS told BNN.

The service also notes that businesses registered in Latvia were used to commit the crime. ‘In reality, cement was procured from a partner company in Estonia. The actually functioning business intentionally submitted false information and fictive accounting documents to SRS.’

As a result of criminal activities, the business caused damages worth EUR 1,035,518.88 to the state budget.


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