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Latvian government supports open data development

Photo: pixabay.com.
In order to effectively introduce a concept of data-based society and encourage state institutions to open up data under their jurisdiction, Latvian government has approved Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry’s prepared proposals, as confirmed by the institution.

Ministry’s deputy state secretary for ICT matters Edmunds Beļskis admits: «Opening up ICT industry’s important data and moving towards introduction of an open data policy relies heavily on the decision from the Cabinet of Ministers. I am convinced it will provide the business sector new development opportunities, including an important contribution to small and medium-sized businesses.»

The ministry notes that consultations with ICT industry representatives from Latvian Association of Open Technologies and Latvia Information and Communications Technologies Association have helped identify the types of data, whose opening would bring a considerably higher benefit to the state budget in the form of taxes when compared with income from information being sold to society.

It is expected that two new databases of the State Land Service and six databases of Latvian geo-spatial information agencies will be opened.

Financial estimates show that larger income to the state budget will be secured by providing more data to society free of charge than it would selling that data to businesses and residents, notes the ministry.


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