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Mitrofanovs may replace Zhdanok in European Parliament in March

Miroslavs Mitrofanovs/youtube.com.
Once MEP Tatyana Zhdanok leaves her post in the European Parliament, Miroslavs Mitrofanovs could replace her as early as 5 March, as confirmed by Zhdanok.

She plans to put down her mandate as member of the European Parliament and join Latvian Russians’ Union (LRU) in preparation for Saeima elections.

Zhdanok had previously mentioned submitting an application to the EP in regards to leaving the parliament and returning to Latvia. She intends to lead LRU’s election campaign. Nevertheless, her participation in elections will depend on the decision from the Constitutional Court.

The Saeima Elections Law prohibits persons who served in the Communist Party, the Latvian PSR Workers’ International Front, the Joint Labor Collective Council, the War and Labor Veterans Organization, the All-Latvian Society Rescue Committee or its regional committees after 13 January 1991 to participate in elections. Zhdanok has appealed restrictions for former communist activists in the Constitutional Court.

Zhdanok did work in the communist party after 13 January 1991. This is why she is not allowed to participate in Saeima elections.

Mitrofanovs, another LRU politician, could replace Zhdanok in the European Parliament. He has confirmed his intentions to become a member of the European Parliament.

LRU has not representation in the Saeima. The party failed to overcome the 5% threshold in Saeima elections of 2014.


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