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Ex-prime minister Guntars Krasts joins Latvian Association of Regions

Guntars Krasts.
Ex-prime minister and member of the European Parliament Guntars Krasts has decided to join Latvian Association of Regions (LAR), as BNN was informed by the party.

LAR board chairperson Nellija Kleinberga says that party is actively preparing for elections to strengthen its positions. «This allows many political organizations and individuals to look at us as a competitive power at the next Saeima elections. We are happy to see LAR is picked as political home by some many people who wish to work in Latvia’s politics for the good of all residents of our country. This is why getting Guntars Krasts, a politician wish a great deal of experience, is an advantage for us.»

Krasts says that LAR is a political party that formed to work differently than other political parties. The association consists of political parties from different regions. This is the foundation of LAR’s ideology and look on territorial development. It also justifies the democratic way LAR organization and decision-making processes are conducted, Krasts said about the party.

LAR representatives say one of the most important factors that ensure growth and development for a party is attraction of new members.


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