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Latvia’s President wants to preserve term restrictions for chairmen of courts of law

Raimonds Vējonis/president.lv.
Latvia’s President Raimonds Vējonis has submitted amendments to the Law on Judicial Power. Amendments propose restrictions for chairmen of courts of law to take post for more than two consecutive terms.

During the initial viewing of amendments to this law, the Saeima decided to lift restrictions for district and regional court chairmen to take post for more than two consecutive terms. The president decided to return amendments to the parliament for a second reading, saying that cancellation of this restriction would not benefit the court justice system.

After viewing the law again, the Saeima agreed to keep restrictions in place.

Cancellation to restrictions was initiated by Justice Ministry in 2015. The government supported this initiative. The ministry explained that this would help ensure vacant court chairman posts are filled with the strongest and most appropriate candidates. Even the majority of the country’s court representatives opposed restrictions.

Vējonis, on the other hand, said: «A strong democratic system is defined by regular replacement of officials after certain terms to allow other professionals try on the role of a leader. Remainder of old officials in their posts does not improve democracy; it only serves to increase risks of stagnation.»

The president added that rotation of professionals in important positions in the judicial system would improve growth on all levels. This would help more judges learn professional and management skills, as well as motivate them to become more involved in resolution of important matters and strengthen the rule of law.


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