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Latvian Border Guard intercepts Vietnamese group for illegal crossing of state border

Officers of State Border Guard in Zilupe apprehended a group of Vietnamese citizens for illegally crossing the country’s border. This is the second Vietnamese group that has attempted to cross the country’s border.

Border Guard officers in Ludza intercepted a group of five people who crossed the country’s border from Russia’s side by train – they jumped off before the train reached its destination in Zilupe.

A criminal process was launched in relation to illegal crossing of the state border. State Border Guard performs all necessary procedures to hand over perpetrators to authorities of the Russian Federation.

22 Vietnamese citizens were apprehended by Latvian authorities for crossing the state border this year. This is one-fifth of the number of the number of perpetrators arrested last year for the same crime. In 2017, a total of 104 citizens of third countries were arrested for crossing the green zone. Most of them (61) were citizens of Vietnam.


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Wim 28.01.2018
Wow, give them the monthly money for fugitives and they will fly again very soon.