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KGB scientific research committee members provided with access to official secrets

Specialists of the KGB scientific research committee fit requirements of the law to be provided with a special permit to access official secrets, as concluded by Constitution Protection Bureau.

This means specialists will be able to start researching KGB materials in a special room provided by Constitution Protection Bureau. Representative of the bureau Iveta Maura says that evaluation of the committee’s delegated specialists for compliance with requirements of the law has concluded.

No negative information was acquired during the evaluation. All delegated persons fit requirements of the law to be provided with a permit to access official secrets.

Constitution Protection Bureau has asked the committee to clarify and assess if permits are required for all eight people, considering that only two at a time are allowed to work in the room provided by the bureau.

Maura also said that on 18 January the bureau submitted to Latvian National Archive a partially anonymous and restored version of Delta-Latvia database.

The bureau thanked the national archive for its responsiveness, understanding and continued cooperation.


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