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Unity agrees investigation of Ridzene talks was poor

Hosams Abu Meri/flickr.com/Saeima.
Political party Unity believes the parliamentary investigative committee, whose objective was analysing content of so-called Ridzene talks and their effect on Latvia’s political environment, performed its work poorly and provided no answers to questions bugging society.

Head of Saeima’s faction of Unity Hosams Abu Meri says: «It is mentioned in the committee’s final report that so-called Ridzene talks are authentic and contain signs of state capture. It would be logical, then, to assess the responsibility of each participant of those talks. But the final report is written in a way that basically covers up for oligarchs in an attempt to legitimize state capture. Unity, unlike Union of Greens and Farmers, cannot accept such a report.»

Unity’s chairman said: «Efforts would have been worth it if the final report included proposals for legislative changes to prevent state capture attempts in the future.»

Members of the party remind that Unity was the party that initiated formation of the committee to make sure Ridzene talks are discussed on a higher level than just the media. The party was against Inguna Sudraba as the head of the committee.

BNN had previously reported that Saeima’s parliamentary committee had approved the final report on oligarchs case in spite of grammatical errors, complaints about inadequate work, as well as the fact that Inguna Sudraba is unfit to lead the committee, considering that her party’s faction in the Saeima has fallen apart.

Conversations of infamous Latvian politicians and businessmen recorded in Ridzene Hotel by authorities served as one of the main pieces of evidence in the so-called oligarchs case, which was launched in 2011.

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) performed searches in multiple locations in Latvia, including the home and office of Aibars Lembergs, the office of Riga Freeport authority, Corporate Management and Advisory office owned by Andris Šķēle’s family, and other businesses.

CPCB handled this case for several years. In the end, however, it turned out that recordings were not enough to raise charges. The criminal process was ended abruptly.


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