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Cert.lv: attacks on e-health system and LETA were likely ordered

Photo: pixabay.com.
Attacks on e-health system and LETA agency were likely ordered, said Cert.lv deputy manager Varis Teivāns in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

He says that Cert.lv has requested information about cyber-attacks to compare data. Initial tests showed a number of similarities. «There are certain similarities. For example, a number of servers have been identified as being used for both attacks. Still, it is too soon to make any specific conclusions,» he said.

Teivāns notes that such cyber-attacks are brutal and primitive. It was likely ordered. «A complex attack freely offered on the black market. And it’s not expensive,» added Cert.lv deputy manager.

Teivāns notes that tracing such attacks is very hard, because attackers use other vulnerable systems accessible on the internet. When asked if it is possible to determine the country from which the attack was organized, Cert.lv representative said that real attackers mask their attacks using proxies, which makes it hard to trace. Usually identification of attackers takes several months. Most of the time, however, no answer is acquired.

At the same time, Cert.lv representative also emphasizes that e-health system was overloaded to make it inaccessible. No data was leaked, however. «Nearly every such project is tested in such a way,» said Teivāns, adding that attacks of this kind are performed nearly every day. Most of them go unnoticed, because they are successfully repelled.

«Latvia’s ICT infrastructure is ready to repel them,» he said.

National Health Service’s e-health system suffered a cyber-attack at 13:14 p.m. on Tuesday, 16 January. The system came back online at 15:56 p.m. The attack on the system was planned and performed from computer systems in 20 different countries, or at least it seemed that way.

LETA agency suffered a cyber-attack of its own on 17 January. DDoS attack commenced at around 13:30 p.m., making it hard to access LETA’s homepage.


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